To achieve greater goals the organization needs to establish objectives at a number of levels. SMART objectives are designed to ensure that everyone understands what is required and when. They make it easy to measure performance so that the business knows whether and when its goals have been achieved. Our client Lactalis used business simulation Expedition Everest to improve collaboration and change initiative.

Lactalis is presented in Macedonia since year 2007 throw their dairies Ideal Sipka, Dukat, President and Galbani. In year 2014 the brand Alpsko mleko became a part of the family. Ideal Šipka is a leading producer of traditional Macedonian white cheeses and caciocavallo cheese, while it is also a leading cheese producer in the whole of Macedonia. It joined Lactalis dairy industry in 2007, when the dairy increased the investments in the primary milk production as well as in the modernization and expanding production capacity. Dukat, Ideal Šipka, Alpsko mleko, Président and Galbani are the umbrella milk, dairy product and cheese brands that are present in the Macedonian market. Ideal Šipka dairy exports part of its products to Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania and Australia.
Lactalis work hardly on the following:

  • Improve team colaboration and communication among all levels
  • Motivate employees and build trust
  • Improve planning and budgeting
  • Develop decision making and strategy
  • Create accountability and alignment
  • Build common vision for success.

Solution Simulation Expedition Everest + customization of course “The Art of Communication”
Part of Lactalis’s strategy focuses on people management. The company aims to attract top employees and to retain the people that it recruits through providing valuable learning and development opportunities. CMS was hired to reinforce the adoption of business planning model. The group size was 30 people from different brands and working positions.

CMS founder/trainer Ilija Popjanev modified the Expedition simulation so it can be effectively run with the diversity groups.

  • Employees from all levels were trained on applying the planning model in their everyday life.
  • Specific actions were outlined around how to use all best practices and increase the team communication and collaboration.

The future ongoing measurement makes it possible to monitor performance against targets.

Lactalis’s customers expect value for money. They want speed of service and expect the company to be reliable and trust- worthy.

In order to achieve, Lactalis continuously is striving to achieve top-level performance in everything it does in relation to serving its customers, employees and shareholders.
Silega Everest Expedition™ is a business simulation that situates participants in a challenging and inspiring fast paced experience of climbing Mount Everest. Strategic planning, decision making, leadership and with many other qualities were faced participants during the simulation.

by Ilija Popjanev