Is there a formula for creating a successful training session?

How do you choose activities that are fun but meaningful?

How do you assess the level of knowledge already in the room?

How do you transfer knowledge and create interaction and feedback?

Facilitation is a powerful tool that is used to help individuals and groups more effectively and efficiently achieve their purpose.

Under the leadership of a skilled facilitator, onboarding’s, meetings, team building sessions and training classes achieve results, which would not be possible without the help of skilled facilitator.

With this understanding, it is obvious that having appropriate facilitation skills can be a decisive factor in the success of today’s leaders and organizations.

This program has been specifically designed to help you develop your training, facilitation and presentation skills, to maximize your effectiveness and the impact you have.

To be an effective facilitator you must know when to take a leadership role, and when to be neutral and take a back seat. This is a difficult balance to maintain!

The key to being proficient in the role is to plan and guide the proceedings effectively, and remain focused on the group process and outcomes, rather than specific content and opinions involved.

Facilitation is an interesting, rewarding and important role to take on.

When facilitating, take time to think about the process and agenda, and learn the skills you need to take the event through to a successful conclusion.

Take pride in the role of facilitation, and enjoy watching the ideas, solutions and successful outcomes flow! In two days, you will get plenty of opportunity to practice and facilitate within the group.

For more details on this amazing course please check the following flyer.    TTT-Program

We encourage you to come and gain the skill of professional facilitator.

Reserve your seat now!  The number of spots is limited!  Looking forward seeing you!


Jan 29 - 30 2020


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


450 euro


Park hotel Skopje
DOOR Training


DOOR Training