Building an innovative environment in your organization – Silega Innova Showcase

“Innovate once and you will gain competitive advantage. Innovate always and you will dominate the market.”

The experience

Silega Innova takes participants on an interactive journey through the world of innovation. Together, they will discuss and explore tools and techniques that foster creativity and create the conditions for radical business change.

Silega Innova is a unique and highly engaging innovation simulation that reflects the hard to predict dynamics of real life. The product or solution that will most likely define your company’s success in five years doesn’t exist yet.

This high-impact, engaging simulation will help you generate more profitable business ideas, discover insightful and creative ways to improve existing ideas, and create realistic implementation plans.

A program based on research that models not only a creative process but also the following diffusion and business impact.

This experiential program can be applied to groups from 12 to up to more than 500 participants simultaneously and simulates multiple producers, users, innovations, and networks.

Besides creating new products, innovation can help your organization improve efficiency, save costs, grow sales, enhance customer experience and boost employees spirit.

This program includes more than 130 ready to apply inventive strategies related to the performance or design of a product, company processes, markets, use of assets, customer service, sales, profitability and sustainability.

Participants learn to innovate around five main pillars:

  1. Why? The Job to be Done the organization performs
  2. Who and where? The markets and channels
  3. What? Product or service
  4. How? Internal processes and supply chain
  5. How much? Pricing and asset utilization

Silega Innova is an extremely customizable simulation that also comes with an innovation audit that makes the learning even more relevant and customizable. Participants practice 4+1 idea generation methods:

  1. Copy and adapt
  2. Trends and customer preferences
  3. Challenge assumptions
  4. Inventive strategies (when the problem is already defined)
  5.  Open innovation


Use this simulation to:

  1. Accelerate and improve the process of creating new products or developing solutions.
  2. Generate concrete and actionable ideas
  3. Discover trends that can impact your industry
  4. Experience the concept and advantages of an open innovation
  5. Align different departments towards the same innovation objective
  6. Understand the importance of the job to be done concept
  7. Increase the likelihood of success for new product or services
  8. Predict the diffusion and common barriers to it
  9. Learn how to create new connections between unrelated concepts
  10. Identify and fix common cultural barriers for creativity
  11. Integrate business strategy with the process of innovation
  12.  Inspire everybody to be more creative


We encourage you to come and test this amazing experience with a colleague from your company.

Reserve your seat now!  The number of spots is limited!  Looking forward seeing you!


Mar 18 2023


10:00 am - 2:00 pm


Nikola Tesla 9 Karposh 2 1000 Skopje, Macedonia