Agile Builder Certification Workshop

Is there a formula for successful growth of teams & organizations?

How to stay competitive in challenging times and demanding clients?

Can be created culture of Agility and digital transformation in short time?

Digital Transformation is not limited to bits and bytes. Every aspect of the value chain is affected. Corporate leaders are becoming multipliers of the agile transformation. Leading teams in agile working environments will be a core competency for future business success. Some new agile project managers take such a strong ‘hands o ’ approach that the team struggles to get through the first couple of phases of team maturity and agile appears to fail.

This workshop helps you to find ways to get the team members to know each other, then they can start to trust each other, they can learn how to communicate, solve problems, have good debates and make decisions. It’s all about facilitating and encouraging this process throughout the project.. This workshop is aimed at leaders who are facing the challenges of increasing complexity and who want to enrich their leadership practice with an agile role model and agile methods.

Training topics

  • Agile organizational culture
  • The Agile goals & 12 Principles
  • Identifying resistance to change
  • Building an agile coalition network
  • Empowering teams and fostering success
  • Identifying business value & Agile life cycle
  • Recognizing root causes & problem solving
  • Kick OFF – Sprint planning
  • Project backlog & future estimation
  • The sprint & daily stand-up’s
  • Delegating tasks & accountability
  • Sprint review meeting
  • Scrum VS Kanban approach
  • Exploiting uncertainty & risk management
  • Success factors & benefits being Agile team

Training objections

  • Discover Agile culture
  • Learn Agile methods of empowering
  • How to allow teams to be self-organized and provide safeguards at the same time
  • Get to know the basics of teamwork that will help you to apply them for agile teams
  • Incorporate the agile leadership model
  • Unleash curiosity and creative thinking to manage risk and exploit uncertainty
  • Strengthen problem solving and decision making skills for performance improvement
  • Learn to use collective wisdom effectively and accommodate it to an agile team


Agile Builder is a high energy, engaging and interactive workshop on this trendy topic.

The workshop is designed as 2 day with group size of 8 to 16  participants for achievement max results.

In the workshop are included various games and exercises designed for better understanding and leading Agile teams as: Dixit, delegation poker, meddlers, LEGO experience, Kanban simulation, Jimmy cards, change agents and more…

The event is delivered on the experiential learning model, by the help of our skilled certified trainers with deep background in Agile.

For more details on this amazing course please check the following flyer.  AGILE_Essentials


Jun 17 - 18 2020


9:00 am - 5:00 pm




Park hotel Skopje